VW Transporter and Campervan Specialists
Vanworx are VW Transporter specialists in the UK, leading the way with VW T5 and T6 Transporter and Camper Conversions. With VW accreditation and Whole Vehicle Type Approval on our Custom Built VW Transporter based Camper conversions, our mission is to create high quality, market leading, Custom Built VW vans for you to enjoy your adventures with friends and family. We look forward to hearing from you…

Dave and the team at Vanworx.

VWX VW Kombi Sales
Introducing VWX: approved VW Kombi sales

As a VW supported Kombi sales reseller, Vanworx now offer a fantastic selection of high quality VW T6 Transporter kombi vans through our dedicated VW kombi sales team at VWX. Our dedicated VW kombi centre in Wells holds a great stock of both new and used T5 and T6 kombis; all at brilliantly competitive prices.

VW Campervan conversions

Vanworx offer a wide selection of VW Campervan conversion packages to save you time and money when choosing your conversion. Every package we offer has its own unique features and specialities as well as acquiring Whole Vehicle Type Approval from the VCA. Our VW T5 and T6 Campervan conversion packages are custom built for anyone looking for a day van to full camper for the family.

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VW Campervan and Kombi Rentals

Returning for summer 2017,  we’re launching our brand new rental Fleet of VW campers and kombis that are ready for your work or pleasure. Our T6 VW campers can be rented out for a minimum of three days and include diesel night heating, pop top roofs and sporty styling options.

For the first time ever we’re also offering brand new T6 kombi vans, with between 5-8 removable seats and optional bike racks, they’re perfect for friends/family trips away as well as corporate rentals. All prices include VAT and fully comprehensive insurance. Deposit and terms apply.

We love hearing from our customers! Planning any trips in your van? We would love you to share these with us – and others! Drop us an email, or simply use #noordinaryvan on social media.
Check out our latest VW Campervan conversions!

We regularly upload some of our recently completed works to out website, which includes a selection of VW T5 and T6 Transporter and Campervan conversions. For more information on specs – and further images – simply select from the list below.

Slipper Conversion 18th May 2018
Kombi Conversion, 12th May 2018
Kombi Conversion, 11th May 2018
Slipper Conversion 30th April 2018
Multivan Conversion 20th April 2018
Westbay Conversion, 13.04.18
Chilli Plus Conversion 24.03.18
Slipper Conversion 20.03.18
Kombi Conversion 09.03.18
Chesil Conversion, 23.02.18
Slipper Conversion, 23th February 2018
Chilli Conversion, 10th February 2018
Slipper Conversion, 4th February 2018
Slipper Conversion, 04.02.18
Martyn Ashton Caddy Maxi
Kombi Conversion, 25.01.18
Westbay Conversion, 22.12.17
Slipper Conversion, 15.12.17
Slipper Conversion, 1st December 2018
LWB Slipper Conversion, 28th November 2017
LWB Chesil Conversion, 28th November 2017
Kombi Conversion, 30th October 2017
Kombi Conversion, 10th November 2017
Multivan Conversion, 13th October 2017
Slipper Conversion, 6th October 2017
Slipper Conversion, 3rd November 2017
LWB Chesil Conversion 27th October 2017
Multivan Conversion, 23rd September 2017
Slipper Conversion, 16th September 2017
Slipper Conversion, 17th September 2017
Slipper Conversion, 1st September 2017
Westbay Conversion, 25th August 2017
Slipper Conversion, 21st July 2017
Slipper Conversion, 14th July
Slipper Conversion, 2nd July 2017
Slipper Conversion, 26th June 2017
Chilli + Conversion, 7th July 2017
Chilli Conversion, 15th May 2017
Slipper Conversion, 26th May 2017
Multivan Conversion
Slipper Conversion, May 2017
Kombi Conversion, March 2017
Slipper Conversion, May 2017
Chilli Conversion, Mar 2017
Slipper Conversion, March 2017
Chesil Conversion, Feb 2017
Slipper Conversion, 16th Jan 2017
Chilli Plus, Oct 2016
Westbay Conversion, Sept 2016
Chesil Conversion, Aug 2016