VW transporter lining – we use only the very best lining materials

Once your vehicle has been stripped out and the roof has been fitted, we will clean the van thoroughly and the vehicle is ready for VW transporter lining. We insulate the vehicle with 100% natural sheeps wool for insulation.

The floor is built around our crash-tested fitting frame for the bed and is actually in 4 parts and then the Altro floor is installed. We also carpet line the vehicle with self-adhesive high quality German carpet. This is the very best for VW transporter lining material that we can find and although on available in a couple of colours it does make the van far warmer by removing the chill of the metalwork, this is especially noticeable in colder temperatures.

Alcantara type headlinings available for non Pop Top vehicles.

VW transporter lining
Carpet options – VW transporter lining
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