VW Transporter modifications

VW transporter modifications – custom building your perfect bus!

We take the approach; ‘what would VW fit if they didn’t have so much red tape?’ We like to think that we can push the boundaries a little further than Volkswagen in what we fit but still maintain the credibility and quality. VW transporter modifications with Vanworx can go slightly larger on wheels, lower in the suspension and more bespoke in the fit out. One thing we will not compromise however is the safety and suitability of the products we fit. Each and every part is fit for purpose, we have extensively researched VW transporter modifications and the very best products and fit them with Certification ensuring everything is of the highest standard and quality. We are on hand to guide you through the rather extensive list of upgrade options. We have created a number of bundles to help you find your way through different products and how they compliment each other. Bespoke builds also available.


Vanworx are best known for their tasteful and high quality styling options. Each customer is different and we like to offer a bespoke build service that we can tweak the look of each van to suit it’s owner. Our VW transporter modifications have only ┬áthe highest quality genuine VW and ABT Sportsline styling packages. Matched up with a wide range of load rated alloy wheels and tyres and dropped with a choice of suspension we can make the outside of your van as individulal as the outside.

Audio & Ice

After testing a number of brands to offer the ultimate high quality audio experience we have a selection of packages for you. Depending on your taste in music and also available space in your bus we have a set up that should work for you (if we don’t we will build completely bespoke!). Our goal is to offer an audio experience on a par or exceeding the Bang and Olufsen/Bose/Audi set ups. We highly recommend sound deadening your vehicle to optimise the acoustics available.

Tuning & Handling

Volkswagen are building great base vehicles for us to customise. They are however built as commercial vehicles to suit all fuel types, all road types and also different drivers and uses. As a Revo dealer we can tweak the vans to optimise the engine performance. We also highly recommend upgrading your suspension as this gives a far better ride and more enjoyable ride. We have extensively tested our tuning and handling products over 1000s of thousands of miles. We can get make your bus drive SO much better – guaranteed! Please note engine remapping may compromise your engine warranty in the first 3 years.


By lining and insulating your vehicle you transform the rear of the van/kombi into a far warmer, quieter area. We use the very best self adhesive German carpet along with 100% natural welsh insulation. When lining a kombi we resuse all of the VW panels and clips to give a factory, easy to maintain install. We also offer a full range of accessories; USB charge points, Alcantara headlining, LED lighting and curtains. We have also designed a full 3mm lining kit in a wide range of colours if you wanted an easy to clean, colourful, practical solution.


Vanworx offer arguably the very best leather retrimming service available. Using the very finest hides and VW/Audi thread we welcome you to customise your retrim. We offer a range of different quality leather in a huge colour range. You can speak directly to the team who carry out all of our upholstery trimming in house. We retrim many new vehicles for VW dealerships which is a huge compliment on our high quality service. Our leather really needs to be seen and we believe the quality is immediately evident.


There is nothing better for the vehicle than servicing at the regular intervals with genuine VW parts. This ensures that your warranty is kept up to date. We offer a complete workshop service from servicing to repairs. Our VW trained technicians are extremely knowledgable and will only use the very best parts for your vehicle. Please contact us for a price on your next service.

We also offer healthchecks for your camper. Every year or two you should check over your camper to ensure everything is working properly. We offer a very competitive service checking everything is work and can make repairs if necessary. This is open to all brands of campervans.

We love hearing from our customers! Planning any trips in your van? We would love you to share these with us – and others! Drop us an email, or simply use #noordinaryvan on social media.