Audio & Ice

VW transporter audio – the soundtrack to your roadtrips!

There is nothing better than clear roads, sunshine and the anticipation of heading out on your road trip! To accompany your journey you need the right tunes and the right speakers. We looked to premium car brands for inspiration when choosing what was right for our conversions. Audi run their Bose and B&O upgrades which are fantastic – but we think we can offer better. Really we do!

After trialling a number of audio brands we came up trumps with the Hertz / Rainbox / Audison brands which really work for us. We offer a range of set-ups to cater for different tastes and wallets for your VW transporter audio. One thing is for sure, you can enjoy your music a lot more with a Vanworx install! Sound deadening highly recommended.

Audio Package 1: Recommended for kombis
  • Hertz model number xxx Co axial front speakers
  • 16.5cm rear three way speakers
  • 10″ sub in custom box
  • Sound processor
£xxxx + vat
Audio Package 2: Recommended for Campers and Kombis
  • Audison abcd front co axial front speakers
  • 175/100mm rear speakers (camper/kombi)
  • 10″ Audison Subwoofer in custom box
  • Audison xxxx sound processor
  • Audison xxxx digital amplifier
£xxxx + vat
Audio Package 3: For campers and kombis! $$

The ‘bells and whistles’ of audio packages! With this install we need to upgrade your door cards to the luxurious Caravelle door cards to allow for a 3-way component install.

  • VW Caravelle door cards (£xxx+vat)
  • Audison abcd 3-way components
  • Audison 165/100mm rear speakers
  • 10″ sub in custom box
  • Audison abcd sound processor
  • Audison abcd digital amplifier
£xxxx + vat
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