Tuning & Handling

VW Transporter tuning and handling. Making your Volkswagen Transporter handle SO much better!

We have selected our favourite VW transporter tuning modifications. Every customer may have different requirements and we have you covered. From using your van commercially and the need to visit building sites with tools through to having a complete mile muncher for family trips – we have a solution for you. Every part used is commercially approved and load rated. We recommend the H&R lowering springs because there are a number of spring loads available to suit your vehicle and it’s use: heavy load, DSG gearbox and more ensuring the van sits perfectly. For a more in depth lowering solution we recommend the Bilstein adjustable height coilover kit. We can set the suspension to your preferred ride height ensuring a comfortable ride with exceptional handling.

H&R Lowering springs

Offering a range of part numbers suitable for your bus. We calculate the kit used by the weight rating of your vehicle, what you typically carry and also what engine and gearbox configuration you have.

£400 + vat fitted
Handling Extras

We try and keep our vans as original as possible. If you would like OE spec Eibach suspension please ask. We retain all of the VW brakes and upgrade to the twin pot big brakes if required. We also offer a full powder coating service for your brakes which give a lovely gloss finish with colour to ‘pop’ from behind your wheels.

H&R anti roll bars available – POA
Bilstein Coilovers

We have travelled tens of thousands of miles on the Bilstein coilovers. These are the premium suspension set-up. With fixed damping and rebound they are set at Bilstein perfectly allowing for an adjustable ride height. Even on the lowest settings we guarantee a luxurious ride with amazing cornering capabilities.

£1250 + vat fitted including wheel alignment
VB Air Suspension

When it comes to options on Air Suspension there are a few available on the market; however, VB is the only Volkswagen approved system for the VW Transporter. VB Air Suspension can give you a much nicer ride in terms of comfort, performance and driveability for everyday use. It is a 100% adaptive system changing with vehicle movements and cornering. It can also offer you different ride heights to suit the terrain you are travelling on. The sport mode setting can be set to give you a maximum drop in stance to approximately 50mm drop. VB Air suspension aims to be one of the best in its specialist field and we are please to offer this system with the satisfaction that we are offering the safest to our customers.

Check out our fitted VB Air Suspension video here

VB Air Suspension does not affect your Volkswagen Warranty, unlike many others. (*VB offer 2 years warranty on their parts)

VB Air Suspension available – Prices start from £4600 + VAT
Revo Authorised Dealer
Revo Software and Hardware solutions work in harmony to unleash the true potential of your engine. Revo pride themselves on offering products that achieve the high performance demanded by their customers, whilst ensuring longevity and drive-ability are maintained.
All Revo performance Software is designed to safely enhance the driveability of your vehicle, giving access to more power and torque throughout the rev-range while maintaining the extensive factory safety mechanisms. All Revo hardware is designed and tested in-house by a specialist team of experienced engineers. Using state of the art prototyping equipment to aid the design process, and in-depth testing procedures the team are able to ensure the highest quality products.
Revo strive to produce beautiful products that work and fit seamlessly with your vehicle, offering an OEM+ look with aftermarket advantages.
Vanworx are please to offer this system as a Revo Authorised Dealer, with the satisfaction that we are offering the safest to our customers.
*Please note, remapping can effect warranty. If the vehicle has to go back for warranty repair, we recommend removing the remap first. 
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